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Mehr's Enterprises is not directly involved in manufacturing of textile products. But some times we import thread & fiber from different countries & some time we purchase cotton fiber from our local industries & then with the help of some leading industries in Pakistan we prepare some textile products according to our Export needs.

Textiles products of
Pakistan like different kinds of fabrics, bed sheets , hand embroidered and painted garments etc occupy a pivotal position in all over the world. Mehrís Enterprises has keen eye on the international market in producing textile products with a variety of influence, classic , modern , eastern, and western and  combination  of eastern and western   tradition.

We are producing good quality products by using latest machineries , advance techniques, quality standards and best skills. Mehrís Enterprises makes quality differences from other exporters by purchasing cotton yarn from local market and sometimes importing polyester yarn from other countries also like Japan and Korea, then handing over to leading manufacturer of textile unit in Pakistan for the preparation of quality Textile Made ups.