Spices constitute an important group of agricultural commodities which are virtually indispensable in the culinary art. They can be primarily defined as
farm products used in various forms like,  Fresh , Ripe, Dried, Broken,
Powdered etc. Which contributes Aroma, Taste, Flavor, Color and pungency . 

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Pakistan has rich resources of some specific spices, which are marketed all over the world. Mehrís Enterprises also exports spices and recipe mixes. We produce hygienically packed and ready to use processed spices according to the world food standards.

Lentils are being used for thousands of years and these grains are the
main source of protein for people in many cultures all over the world. Pakistan is one of the largest lentils growing country for many years. Mehrís Enterprises creates markets in Middle East and Europe for quality lentils by using their country resources. We are providing high quality processed lentils by using efficient force and modern techniques, which help us to lead in market.

In different Countries Pickles & Chutneys are
used as a side Relish , Taste enhancer and even as
a good source of Digestion. The Pickles are Mixture
of Mustard Oil, Mixed Spices, Salt, Citric Acid and various Vegetables and Fruits. While
Chutneys are
mixture of under-ripe fruits & different spices.
The food without Pakistani Pickles &
Chutneys are
like a portrait without colours. Mehrís pickles are Known for their unique, sharp and tangy Flavor, which add that something special to food, making all the difference.