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Pakistan being an Eastern Country is having a unique , diver and captivating culture is well known for its attractive  Handicrafts especially made up of Marble, Wood , Brass, Rock Salt etc. and of manual skills. Pakistan has rich resource of Marble & Salt. Pakistani marble is one of the case of Rock Salt products.  As Pakistani Rock Salt mines in khewra are largest Rock Salt mines in the world. The Handicrafts made up of these material are highly beneficial in health point of view, as Rock Salt play an integral roll in human life, so people refer these Handicrafts because Rock Salt Handicrafts protects them from many diseases especially respiratory diseases like Asthma.

Mehrís Enterprises is also dealing in these Handicrafts and also maintain strict quality control by keeping an eye on their making process.

Pakistan also has rich resources of Marble & Salt. Pakistani Marble is one of the best quality marble in the World.