Pakistan is blessed with a climate, suitable for the farming of all kinds of
fresh fruits and vegetables, winch are rich in taste and juice. Mehrís
Enterprises is exporting Pakistani fresh fruits and vegetables to different
countries of Middle East and Europe. They are providing high quality and well packed fruits and vegetables.

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For making the high quality standard, we collect fresh fruits and vegetables
directly from farmers on their gardens and fields, and then process on machines with latest technology. Some main fresh fruits and vegetables exported by Mehrís Enterprises are given below.

  Mangoes : King of Fruits Chaunsa is one of the most popular mango worldwide, due to its flesh firm , fiber less with pleasant flavor, juice and sweet taste.

  Citrus : Citrus/Kinno is superior in citrus family due to its delicious taste, which is liked worldwide. Moreover there is no other citrus after Pakistani Kinno.

  Vagetables : Potato, Tomato, Okra/Lady Finger, Onion.